NOA 14 Catalogue - page 10

The NOA 2014
Sponsors’ Awards
The Towry Award
Towry, the Wealth Adviser give
the leading award for the Best
Fine Art work in 2014.
The Ward Thomas Award,
The Seaward Award and
the Southwood Award
are prizes given for the
runners up in The Fine Art
Prudential Awards
given for Young Fine Artists of
25 years or under.
The Ward Thomas Award
is also given for the emerging
fine artist of the year.
The Naylor Award, The
Crown Fine Art Award,
The Ward Thomas Award
and The Big Sky Awards
are given for Photography.
The Goodwood Award
given for the young
photographer of the year.
The Arts Club Best
Drawing Award
Steeped in
art history and with its
continuing support of NOA,
The Arts Club Dover Street
continue to offer the annual
drawing award.
The Abi Slade Award
given for the finest print.
The Gail Gower Award
given for the best wall hung
Cass Art
offer a commission
to a young artist and art
materials for one year.
are joined in their
support of 9 regional awards
The Orrin Trust
Turtleton Trust for
Scotland; The Aneurin
Thomas Award
for Wales;
The University of
Chichester Award
for The
South of England and
Vanessa Whinney Award
for the East of England.
The Visitors’ Choice
are given to the artist
who receives the largest
number of votes from visiting
members of the public for their
personal opinion of the best
work in both the London and
Chichester exhibitions. They
are supported by The Artists’
Collecting Society and
Richard and Val Evans.
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