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NOA is supported by the Wealth Adviser
Towry is an established wealth
management firm specialising
in financial planning, wealth
advice and investment
management to private
individuals with £100,000 of
investable assets.
We have 21 offices
nationwide, from where we
help our clients to make the
right decisions about their
financial future to achieve their
lifetime ambitions. We typically
advise clients on:
Lifetime financial planning
Inheritance tax planning
Investment management
Retirement planning
Planning for the unexpected
Estate planning
We believe there are three
areas that set us apart from
other wealth advisers and
wealth managers:
Financial Planning
At Towry we believe that all our
clients’ financial decisions
should be made in the context
of a lifetime financial plan,
which is structured to help you
achieve your short and long-
term goals. Without this plan,
it is difficult for you to decide
what you can or cannot afford
to do, both now and in the
future. Our focus is on
understanding what your own
personal objectives are before
setting out what actions you
may need to take to achieve
Our wealth advisers are
required to become
professionally qualified to
Chartered Financial Planner
status. This is the highest
professional qualification in
the industry and considerably
in excess of the minimum level
required by the Financial
Conduct Authority. Our Advice
Policy team underpins this
expertise with specialist
knowledge in specific areas to
ensure that all Towry clients
receive expert financial advice.
Our Investment Management
team’s sole responsibility is to
manage our clients’ money
and to minimise the risks of
investing for the level of return
required. We are part of a
small panel of professional
advisers appointed by
Camelot to provide advice to
National Lottery winners.
Client Focus
Clients are at the heart of our
business. We recognise that
each client has individual
requirements and we tailor our
solutions accordingly. We
work alongside our clients to
help them achieve their
financial goals. We hope to be
able to do the same for you.
To find out more about us and
how we can work with you
please visit
call us on 0844 856 50 03
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