NOA 14 Catalogue - page 9

The Abi Slade Award for the
Best Etching or Print
Stephen Gibbs
‘Seaside Specials’
for a Stroll on the Prom’
The Gail Gower Award for
the Best Installation
Chrys Allen
‘Walk in Progress. Bedrock’
The Cass Awards 2014
The Cass Art Awards 2014
Value £700
Thomas Allen
‘Never Never Far Away Away’
The Cass Art Commission
Value £300
Jean-Luc Almond
‘Dripping Man’
The 2014 Regional
London – The Towry Award
Johny Midnight
Tooting Lido’
Northern Ireland
The Towry Award
Frances Ryan
‘Enclosure XIII’
The North of England
The Towry Award
Sarah Bellwood
The Heart of England – The
Towry Award
‘Sex on the Brain’ (part of
Pornucopia - Memoirs of a
1980s Nymphomaniac)
The East of England – The
Vanessa Whinney Award
Alan Parker
‘The Straw Bear’
The South of England
The University of Chichester
Steph Goodger
‘Boxcar 2’
The South West of England
The Towry Award
Paul Thirkell
‘Primal Scene’
Wales – The Aneurin Morgan
Thomas Award
Sarah Ball
‘Soldiers V
Scotland – The Orrin Trust
Lyndsey Gibb
Scotland – The Turtleton
Trust Award
Paul Furneaux
‘Sumi Wave’
The Visitors’ Choice
Voted for during the
exhibitions by the public
The Visitors’ Choice at
Somerset House Exhibition
supported by The Artists’
Collection Society
The Visitors’ Choice at the
Minerva Exhibition,
Chichester, supported by
Richard and Val Evans
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