NOA Going to the Zoo Zoo Zoo!


The workshop will draw on themes of the environment surrounding the class; animals! This cross-curricular adventure will start with figurative art and the importance of observation by sketching from real life animals at Chessington Zoo. Back at the education centre where the resident insects and creatures will greet Betty and her classmates for further inspiration before they use their newly acquired artistic techniques to create mythical creatures from still life animal models. Watercolours will be used to bring their imaginary masterpieces to life, before going and enjoying the Zoo, SEA LIFE centre and Theme Park.


Through the NOA Children’s Competition, National Open Art, Chessington and art-K aim to ensure pupils have an unforgettable cross-curricular adventure - after all, there's nothing like a sense of wild adventure to enthuse and inspire children of any age!


National Open Art for Children and Young Creatives exists to nurture and encourage young people of all ages and capabilities to engage in the arts. The next generation is an integral part of our future and through the competition’s platform, we want to pave the way for the next masters, disrupters and trailblazers of the art world and wider creative industries.


Chessington World of Adventures Resort has been awarded a quality badge by the Council for Learning Outside the Classroom for the past three years. With over 1,000 animals in the Zoo and SEA LIFE centre, 10 themed lands and more than 40 rides and attractions, there's a world of educational adventures waiting to be explored.

The Resort offers a programme of interactive workshops and events for pupils in Early Years Foundation Stage to Key Stage 5. These cover a variety of strands from the National Curriculum within science, maths, technology, literacy, and business. Whether they are learning about the forces at work on roller coasters, the different ways that Maths is used around a Theme Park or discovering how our new Asiatic lion cubs adapt to their environment. Every workshop mixes education and fun to bring learning to life.


At art-K, we help grow children’s self-confidence by providing developmental art projects that are educational and rewarding. The long-term projects use a wide range of mediums and techniques to provide new opportunities for children in a safe, artistic space. By integrating fun exercises that develop visual memory and spatial awareness, our classes also have a positive effect on children's general academia. Creativity teaches children to think differently by stimulating the brain.